Our Activities

Our activities are ‘limited’ at present but we are hoping that as the Church grows we will have more activities for the community.   We know we can ‘target’ the local schools and there are opportunities within the system for CBC to be so involved.   We believe it unwise to pursue this until we have a more ‘robust’ number of people who can give themselves to this ministry.

CTiCaT – Youth Club (7. 30 – 9 pm)

The Youth Club meets every Friday in the CBC Hall and is a Club mainly for teenagers.   This is run jointly with others from other churches in the vicinity.   There are plenty of games and activities for young people both inside and outside the hall.   There is, every evening, a ‘God Slot’ and the young people take an active part in the discussions.   The ‘teenagers’ are invited to bring their friends and to promote the centre as a place of enjoyment and friendship making.

As a small church we do try and engage in a variety of ‘events’ which, alongside the ‘formal’ events, are other possible activities which may include: literature blast (homes in the area), prayer walks, outings, social days/evenings, craft days, banner making.