Our Constitution

Our Church community began its life in the 17th century and the ‘constitution’ runs from that time.   Obviously, over the years there have been some changes and those changes have been agreed at the Church Fellowship Meetings. The documentation has been ‘revised’ on many occasions and some ‘extra sections’ have been included which were not in the original texts.   These ‘extras’ relate to the way the Charity Commission now works and because churches come under their jurisdiction our ‘recent constitution’ has changed to be in line with recent Parliamentary Laws.   However, the ‘nature of the Church’ has not changed and we have retained fully our ‘doctrinal statements’ in a modern style based on our Trust Deeds.   These alterations are to be found elsewhere in this folder and include:

i) Our Beliefs

ii) Our Baptist Principles.  

Our ‘doctrinal’ views are in line with and identify with a conservative approach to Scriptural Truth.   Our statement of Belief is not unlike that of the Evangelical Alliance.   These ‘doctrines’ are held deeply by the members of the Fellowship and they undergird not only what we believe but what we are and how we live and behave.   In a day when ‘truth is discounted’ we want to reassert our firm belief in the veracity of our ‘doctrinal’ statement.

We do not expect people to ‘sign up’ to our ‘declaration’ but we do expect people who believe God is leading them to join our Church community to accept that this is the bedrock of our life together.

Each person who is interested in being part of CBC will be given access to the booklet 'Family Focus' so as to be familiar with the ‘essence’ of our community life.

Should you need any clarification about our ‘Statement of Faith’ please speak to one of the members of our Leadership Team.

The ‘renewed’ Constitution is kept by the Church Secretary.

[The booklet 'Family Focus' was designed and compiled by Revd. Gordon Campbell DpTh BA MEd - Pastor/Moderator (2010-2011)]