Our Giving

Giving to the work of God is an essential responsibility for every Christian.   Throughout the Bible, our giving to the Lord is always seen as an indicator of our spiritual temperature (Malachi 3: 10).   However, spiritual prosperity does not, of itself, motivate our generosity.  In fact, God sees us as fickle people who need to be reminded that we have a duty to support Christian activity.  In a word Ė GIVING TO GODíS WORK IS A REGULAR MORAL DUTY.   We are challenged to give our money in a joyful, systematic (weekly/monthly) responsible and enthusiastic way.   Special seasons of giving are acceptable but no substitute for consistent giving.  Today, God is looking for Christians to give out of HIS RESOURCES (2 Corinthians 8-9).  This involves the Ďtithe-plusí principle.  For example, giving to the local Church and giving to other agencies.   But we must remember that the local Church is OUR PRIORITY.   Whenever we give our money we are investing in the growth of Godís Kingdom.  Each of us is to give as the Lord has prospered us.   BEING CHURCH COSTS MONEY AND WE BELIEVE GODíS WORK NEEDS GODíS MONEY FROM GODíS PEOPLE.