Our History

CBC has a rich history which began in 1651 when a group of people met together with a vision to plant a Church in the town.   From the 17th century onwards God has blessed and enriched the people.  The Church has had, over the years, times of famine and times of success.   As with every church there have been some challenging occasions – but when God is behind a visionary church plant – he will continue to take a personal interest in that church.   Come what may, the favour of God will be on the community if it is faithful to the Word of God, the Lord of Glory and the Guidance of the Holy Spirit.  It is our perception that CBC has, over the years, remained faithful to those God-given principles. 

We have now come to a new phase in the development of CBC and with our dependence upon God, and the principles above, there is no reason why the Church cannot grow and become a more effective Gospel community in Coningsby.  God is always concerned about harvest (Matthew 9: 35-38), Mission (Matthew 10: 1-42) and fruitfulness (John 15: 1-17).   There is, therefore, every possibility that the Church will see measurable growth in the next few years.   We pray for that and look for that to happen and want you to take up the opportunity and accept the challenge of being involved in a ‘fresh’ expression of Church.