Our Membership

We regard ‘belonging’ as well as ‘believing’ to be essential aspects of our Church and therefore we view membership of a local congregation as being a significant step for people to take in the congregation.  We are delighted when people become part of our Fellowship but along with the privileges of being part of something ‘unique’ – and the Church is unique - come responsibilities.   For us, this includes a ‘membership scheme’ which is not like some ‘club membership’ but a ‘fellowship style’ membership.   The key to belonging is to build relationships with one another physically, emotionally and spiritually and we hold firmly to the idea that the best way to do that is to make a ‘public’ commitment to a local congregation.

As a Baptist Church we obviously regard ‘Believers’ Baptism’ as a very important sign that a person has come to faith in Christ so we are, by tradition, a ‘confessing’ Church.   Nevertheless, our Constitution is ‘open’ so that we are able to welcome into membership those who are as yet ‘un-baptised’ with the understanding that they are not against the practise of baptism by immersion.

Should you wish to identify with us fully please see our Church Secretary about becoming an active member of CBC.

To become part of our Church we would expect the following:

It is our firm conviction, based on the Scriptures, that men and women are equal before God in terms of calling to salvation, blessing and service though we do recognise differences of function within the Church.