Our Ministries

The Apostle Paul is very insistent that we should not be ‘ignorant’ about the gifts imparted by the Holy Spirit to each local Church.  There are ‘different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit’ ( 1 Corinthians 12: 4) and these gifts are for ‘ministering’ to the Body of Christ.  So ministry or ‘service’ is always part and partial of our commitment to the Lord and to the community of faith into which we have become members.  We expect everyone, regardless or age or ability, to enter into a ‘ministry’ team because each person has been gifted by God to minister to others.

Our ‘ministries’ consist of many activities apart from Worship, Preaching, Teaching, Praying and Studying.   Incorporated into our ‘ministries’ are Teams of people who help us to function better as a Church.   These Teams are:  


We are very fortunate in having a Worship Team that includes very capable musicians who use a keyboard, brass instruments and guitars.  The aim of the worship team is twofold:

  i) to lead people into the presence of God and 

ii) to encourage people to enjoy worshipping the Lord of Glory.    

The pastoral care team is responsible for keeping an ‘eye’ on members and adherents who are part of our existing Church community.  

Prayer ministry is provided from time to time when there is an obvious need to pray over someone who is in need of special prayer.

This is based around James 5: 13-20 where the Church is encouraged to be engaged in the ‘prayer of faith’ so that there can be healing and/or forgiveness.   There may be occasions when ‘oil’ is used as a symbol of the presence and power of God to bring release and joy to the person prayed over.   Prayer ministry is open to anyone who requests such prayer.  

We are delighted to have people who have the ‘skills’ in the design area and it is our intention to ‘increase’ the use of designs for our Church web site, posters, leaflets and other materials.  

We believe in caring for our building, old as it is, and the way we do this is to give time to cleaning the buildings.  Each year we take time out to ‘review’ our buildings and grounds and look at different ways to improve our facilities.  

Our kitchen team enables us to have meals and snacks together to enrich the fellowship of the Church.  


We would encourage everyone to consider whether they can find an opportunity to join one or more of the teams in order to play their part in blessing others in the Fellowship.