Our Values

What we give our time, energy and money to reflects our own personal values, no matter what we say our values are.   So values are part of our DNA and the same applies to the Church the people of God.   

At CBC we have a number of core values which are listed below:

     we value Christ as Lord and Head of the Church

     we value The Holy Bible as Gods inspired and authoritative Word  

     we value the presence and power of the Holy Spirit

     we value the gifts of the Holy Spirit

     we value the Kingdom of God

     we value intimate worship that touches the Fathers heart

     we value prayers of petition, intercession and faith

     we value individuals, and the primacy of relationships

     we value families, children, young people and the elderly

     we value faith sharing (evangelism)

     we value supernatural acts of God in Signs and Wonders

     we value links with other churches that are part of Christs Body.